Before connector cable has been introduced to the market, housing type connector can only be used on wire cable. That is, crimp the terminal onto the un-jacketed lead wire or cable, then, plug into the housing. By this method, convenience of repeat insertion and extraction between plug and socket can never be reached.

After that, using assembling top and bottom cover method, the cable manufacturers either assemble or ultrasonic the terminal, housing and cable into connector cables. Nevertheless, the structure is still not very concrete to let the users to rely on.

Finally, in 1980, Lih Tzu Electric Co., Ltd., who is the first one, used molding technology to innovate 3.96mm pitch crimp terminal housing into connector cable. Continuously, we also introduce series of cable and wire in other pitches into the market successfully. At the same time, we applied patents in many countries.

This cable can be applied to DC power, DC signal and DC power/DC signal connector cables. From 1980, we made an cross century industry revolution.

To make a further service to our customers, we develop unique designed DC cords & sockets to meet individual customers' requirement---no matter on wafer structure, special pitch, or, electric safety. It's of great help to promote our customers' enterprise imagination. Your achievement is always our honor.