Mini din plug & jack with quick lock

Except sharing the same specifications with mini din plug, additionally, due to the extra quick lock design, mini din plug lock series is very stable when doing plug and socket's insertion and extraction. Especially for those who concerned "not easy disconnection" most, they like this unique design more and more than ever before.

กฐ All mating sockets are available.

Power din plug & socket with quick lock

Every pin for power din plug lock series can bear DC 20V/7.5A max while the third small pin for 3P can bear up to DC 20V/1A max. The high ampere power supply designer likes this type best. Moreover, aside from quick lock function (non-lock is also available), three styles and two directions are ready for users' choice to match their main board's direction-up or down.

กฐ All mating sockets are available.

Mini power din plug & jack with quick lock

Mini power din lock series is designed for cable to cable connection. Male means the plug. Female means the socket. For its light, good appearance and quick lock design, it's second to none of the best cable to cable connection and extension cable.